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Analyzing WRF-GC outputs

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WRF-GC output structure

Output files generated by the WRF-GC model are similar to WRF-Chem outputs, so you have a large set of tools available to your disposal already developed by the WRF-Chem community. We provide some examples below.

Please note that WRF-GC species follow the GEOS-Chem species list, thus you might have to slightly modify scripts already available for WRF-Chem.

Outputs are in netCDF-3 ("Classic") format and can be configured in the WRF namelist. Outputs for diagnostics and species concentrations are instantaneous.

Tools for analyzing WRF-GC outputs

Some tools to visualize and analyse the WRF-GC outputs.

  • NCL (recommended)
The NCAR Command Language (NCL) can read in NetCDF data and create plots based on many example scripts for WRF (please refer to NCL scripts for WRF).
M_map: A mapping package for Matlab to create plots.
High-level functions for NetCDF files : Use functions to read data from in NetCDF data source easily.
  • Python
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