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Downloading WRF-GC

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Obtaining the WRF code

Before downloading WRF-GC, you will need a supported version of the WRF model. For the WRF-GC v0.1 (alpha version), please use WRF v3.9.1.1, which has been validated against our specific build.

You can obtain the WRF model code here:

Obtaining the WRF-GC code with the GEOS-Chem model

To obtain the WRF-GC model code, please contact tmfu AT pku DOT edu DOT cn.

You will be granted access to our private GitHub repository where you can obtain the source code, submit issues and contribute code to the WRF-GC model. Please do not redistribute the source code for the alpha version publicly. Instead, please refer interested users to this guide where they can request access.

To access our GitHub repository, please request an invitation from tmfu at pku dot edu dot cn and then click on the following link:

Note that for this alpha version, the WRF-GC code is provided with a tested version of GEOS-Chem (v12.1.1). In the future, we aim to allow independent updates for both the WRF and the GEOS-Chem parent models; i.e., you will be downloading GEOS-Chem directly from the GEOS-Chem repository.

After downloading the WRF model and extracting it into the "WRFV3" folder, clone our Git repository into the "chem" folder within "WRFV3":

git clone chem

Downloading the GEOS-Chem Data Directories

Please refer to the GEOS-Chem Wiki to obtain the shared GEOS-Chem data directories:

You will need to point your GEOS-Chem configuration file "input.geos" and "HEMCO_Config.rc" to use the shared data directories. Please refer to the Running WRF-GC section.

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