First Announcement for

Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (CosPA2011)

October 28-31, 2011, Beijing, China

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First Announcement for Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics 2011 (CosPA2011)

There have been many achievements in the area of Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (CosPA) in the past few years. For researchers dedicated to Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics from the Asia-Pacific region, the Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (CosPA Symposium) provides a platform and opportunity to discuss new issues, exchange new ideas and learn about new techniques from both theoretical and experimental aspects. Starting from 2002, CosPA Symposiums have been successfully held in Taiwan, Korea, Australia, and Japan for seven times, during which improvements of communication and collaboration among researchers are achieved. Right now, CosPA Symposium has grown into a meeting with wide international influence.

CosPA2011 will be held in the campus of Peking University, Beijing, Mainland China, during October 28-31, 2011. The symposium will cover issues in many frontiers of Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics. CosPA2011 is now open to registration for participants.

International Organization Committee:

Pisin Chen (NTU, Taipei)

Xiao-Gang He (NTU, Taipei &SJTU, Shanghai)

W-Y. Pauchy Hwang (NTU, Taipei)   (Chair)

Sang Pyo Kim (APCTP, Kunsan)

Bo-Qiang Ma  (PKU, Beijing) 

Raymond R. Volkas (Univ Melbourne, Melbourne)

Jun'ichi Yokoyama (Univ Tokyo, Tokyo)

Local Organization Committee:

Xiaojun Bi (IHEP, Beijing)

Rong-Gen Cai (ITP, Beijing)

Zhen Cao (IHEP, Beijing)

Bin Chen (PKU, Beijing)

Xuelei Chen (BAO, Beijing)

Zuhui Fan (PKU, Beijing)

Hong-Jian He (Tsinghua Univ, Beijing)

Miao Li (ITP, Beijing)

Bo-Qiang Ma (PKU, Beijing) (Chair)

Bin Wang (SJTU, Shanghai)

Renxin Xu (PKU, Beijing)

Xinmin Zhang (IHEP, Beijing)

Shou-hua Zhu (PKU, Beijing)

Co-organizing and Sponsoring Institutions:

School of Physics, Peking University

State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Technology, Peking University

Center for High Energy Physics, Peking University

Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics China at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Contact Address

            Bo-Qiang Ma /Professor of Physics,
            School of Physics, Peking University,
            Beijing 100871, China

Board and Lodging

Participants will be accommodated in the Guest Hotel of Peking University or nearby Hotels. The price will be of about 60-150 USD per day for a standard double room. The fee is paid in cash or by credit card upon reception at the hotel. Meals may be of around 30 USD or less per day in restaurants inside or near the Campus. The registration fee is of $200 USD for participants and $100 USD for accompanying persons paid in cash. The fee will cover reception, banquet, social activities, coffee break and lunch. The accompanying persons will be free of the registration fee if they do not take part in the above activities.   

More details about conference site, transportation to the hotel, and sites for reception and banquet can be found from the page Lodging


Registration Form of CosPA2011

The registration form should be received before 15 August, 2011, later registration is also acceptable.
Registration via e-mail is preferred, to

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Male:                  Female:

Position:           Affiliation:               Country/Region:
Mailing Address:
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I am interested in attending CosPA2011:            (yes/no)
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Abstract Submission Form for CosPA2011 (deadline October 5, 2011)



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