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June. 13, 2018 Paper Published!

Congratulations! Yunyan Yao's paper titled "Probe of Spin Dynamics in Superconducting NbN Thin Films via Spin Pumping " has been published in Physical Review B. Link to the paper



May. 22, 2018 Paper Published!

Congratulations! Prof. Wei Han's review paper titled "Quantum materials for spin and charge conversion " has been published in npj Quantum Materials. Link to the paper



Apr.13, 2018 Paper Published!

Congratulations! Wei Yuan's paper titled "Experimental signatures of spin superfluid ground state in canted antiferromagnet Cr2O3 via nonlocal spin transport " has been published in Science Advances. Link to the paper.  

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Mar. 27, 2018 Paper Published!

Congratulations! Yu Yun and Yang Ma's paper titled "Role of La doping for topological Hall effect in epitaxial EuO films " has been published in Physical Review Materials. Link to the paper



March. 6, 2018 Invited talk

Prof. Wei Han gave an invited talk in a symposium at the 2018 APS March meeting in Los Angeles.

The symposium is titled "Topological Materials for Conversion between Charge and Spin Currents", including five invited speakers: Albert Fert, Yuki Shiomi, Yoshichika Otani, Wei Han, and Nitin Samarth. See Prof. Wei Han's presentation at this link


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