Course Title: Introduction to Spintronics

Instructor: Wei Han

Time: 13:00-14:50, Friday

Address: Room West 563, Physics Building

Main References

"Magnetism and Magnetic Materials", edited by J. M. D. COEY, Cambridge University Press, UK, 2010

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Slides Download

2017 Fall Slides Download

2017 09/15 Class 1: Overview of Spintronics (Download links)

2016 Fall Slides Download

Chapter 1: Overview of Spintronics (Download links)

Chapter 2: Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (Part 1-Download links) (Part 2-Download links)

Chapter 3: Magnetoresistance (Download links)

Chapter 4: Spin Valves (Part 1-Download links) (Part 2-Download links) (Part 3-Download links)

Chapter 5: Spin Transfer Torque (Part 1-Download links)(Part 2-Download links)

Chapter 6: Spin Caloritronics (Download links)

Chapter 7: Topological Spintronics(Download links)

Chapter 8: Antiferromagnetic spintronics(Download links)

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