Invited Talks (selection out of 90 since 1996; with 4 APS, 1 ACS, 4 MRS, 5 IUMRS)

1996, The 17th International Semiconductor Meeting (Nordic), Trondheim, Norway (Jun. 17 每20), ※Synthesis and Characterization of Pure Nanoc rystalline C-N Film.§

1997, International Conference on Characterization and Processing of Advanced Materials, Hong Kong (May 19 每 22). ※Research on Carbon Nitrides.§

2000, The 6 th IUMRS , Hong Kong (July 24-27), ※Novel Formation and Decay Mechanisms of Nanostructure on Surface§

2000, MRS Fall Meeting, Boston (Nov.27-Dec.1) ※Pattern Selection of Surface-based Nanostructures§.

2001, American Ceramic Society 103rd Meeting, Indianapolis (April 22-25), ※Nitride-related Nanomaterials by Chemical Vapor Deposition§.

2001, APS March Meeting, Seattle (March 12-17), ※Morphological Evolution and Control in Submomolayer Epitaxy§.

2002, MRS Fall 2002 Meeting, Boston (Dec.2 每 7) ※Island Shape Selection and Stability in Epitaxial Growth§.

2003, Inter. Union MRS ( IUMRS) & Inter. Conf. on Adv. Mater. (ICAM) ㄛ Yokohama, Japan (Oct. 8 每 13), ※Water-metal Interaction Based on ab initio Density Functional Study§.

2003, Plenary Talk, The Chinese Physical Society (CPS) Fall Meeting, Hefei (Sept.17- 20) ※The Fate of Migrating Atoms on Surface.§

2004, Keynote Lectures, International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, Madeira, Portugal (July 26-29). ※Atomic-scale Study of Surface-based Nanostructures: Formation and Decay§

2004, APS March Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (March 22-26,) ※Attempts in CNT Engineering: Nanocone, Nanobell, and Beyond§.

2004, The 4 th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, Jyvaskyla, Finland (July 24 每28) ※Kinetics-driven Adatom Processes in Thin Film Growth§.

2005, The 10 th International Conf. On New Diamond Science and Technology (ICNDST10), Tsukuba, Japan, (May 11 每 14) ※A step up to monochiral multi-walled carbon nanotubes§

2005, Key Lecture, Workshop on Interface Disorder in Nanosystems, Leiden, Netherlands. (June 20 每 23) ※Kinetics-driven atomic processes in formation and decay of surface-based nanostructure§.

2006, Conf. on Computational Physics 2006 (CCP2006), Gyeongju, Korea, (Aug 29 每 Sept. 1) ※Dopant control in dilute magnetic semiconductors: Subsurfactant action§.

2006, Keynote Lecture, the 11 th Inter. Conf. On Theoretical Aspects of Catalysis (ICTAC-11), Schmochwitz, Germany (June 11 每 14) ※Interpretation and prediction of nanostructural evolution based on first-principles studies§

2006, Key Lecture, CIAR Nanoelectronics ㄛ Banff, Alberta, Canada.( Nov.9-12) ※A step up to self-assembly§

2007, The 31 st Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga Wagga, Australia (Feb.6-9) ※A step up to self-assmebly§

2007, Swiss NanoConvertion 2007, Bern, Swiss (June 27每30) ※Who controls the fate of migrating atoms on surface?§

2007, International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT), Singapore (July 1-6) ※A molecular picture of water on NaCl surface§

2007, MRS Fall Meeting, Boston (Nov.2 6-30) ※Towards the Single-Walled B-C-N Nanotubes :Fabrication and Electronic Property§.

2008, International Conference on Smart Materials-Smart/Intelligent Materials and Nano Technology & 2nd International Workshop on Functional Materials and Nanomaterials (April 22-25), Chiang Mai, Thailand, ※Impurity Decoration for Growth Control: above, below, and at the Surface§.

2008, The Second General Meeting of ACCMS-VO (Jan.26-28), Sendai, Japan, ※ Fundamentals of Impurity at Growth Front: Above, Below, and At the Surface§

2009, Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscale Materials, A Symposium in Celebration of Steven G. Louie's 60th Birthday, 4 Le Conte Hall (March 21每22, 2009), Berkeley, USA, ※Ice Ih Surfaces: Unexpectedly Cold§.

2009, MRS Fall Meeting, Boston (Nov.30-Dec.4) ※Individual single/double walled carbon nanotube and its electronic properties §.

2009, The Third Internaitonal Conference on One-dimensional Nanomaterials (ICON 2009)

Atlanta, GA, USA, (Dec. 7-9, 2009) ※Individual single/double walled carbon nanotube and its electronic properties §.

2010, APS March Meeting, Portland, Oregon, USA (March 15-19, 2010) ※Physics in China: The Past and Next Decade§.

2010, Plenary Talk, The 4th international New Diamond and Nano Carbons Conference (NDNC 2010), Suzhou, China (May 16-20, 2010) ※Individual single/double walled carbon nanotube and its electronic properties§

2010, New Frontier of Surface Physics, Baton Rouge, USA (Nov.30, 2010) ※A different world: With and without water§

2011, The 6th Conference of the Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS-6), Singapore (September 6 每 9, 2011) ※Ice surface: Insights from computer simulation§

2011, The Lorentz Workshop on Challenges in modelling the reaction chemistry of interstellar dust, Leiden , Netherlands (September 19 每 23, 2011) ※Water on Surfaces: From cluster to overlayer§

2011, The First China-Israel Meeting on Strongly Correlated Electron Matter, Jerusalem, Israel, Nov.15-19, 2011, ※Water on Surfaces: from cluster to overlayer§

2012, Keynote Talk, The 244th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Philadelphia, USA (August 19-23, 2012), ※Proton order effect on ice surface adsorption and melting§

2012, International Symposium on ※Creation of the Network of Excellence for the Human Resource Development, and Advanced Environmental Materials and Devices toward Environment and Energy Technology§, Tokyo, Japan (March 9-10, 2012), ※Physics in China: The past and next decade§

2012, XXIII Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics, Sitges, Spain (June 4-8, 2012),§Computer simulation of island self-assembly on surface§.

2012, The Conference on Computational Physics 2012 (CCP2012), Kobe, Japan (October 14-18, 2012), ※Surface Studies of Ice§

2013, The Second World's Future and Frontiers of Science, Technology, Humanities and Citizenship, Santiago, Chile (January 17-19, 2013), ※Nanotechnology: Small is the future-- Nanostructures controlled atom-by-atom§

2014, APS March Meeting, Denver, CO, USA (March 3-9, 2014) ※Ice Surface: Proton Ordering and Reaction§


Invited Seminars and Colloquiums (selection out of 100 since 1987)

In USA including Ames National Laboratory, Brown Univ., UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Columbia Univ., Harvard Univ., Univ . of Houston , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Louisiana State University, Univ. of Michigan , Univ. of Missouri, Michigan Tech Univ., Univ. of Nevada at Las Vegas, New York Univ., Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oklahoma State Univ., Rice Univ., Rutgers Univ., Univ of South Florida, Stanford Univ., Univ. of Tennessee, Univ. of Texas at Austin;

In Europe including Cambridge Univ. , Univ . College London, Oxford Univ., Queen Mary Univ. of London (UK); Univ . o f Genova, ICTP (Italy); Technical University of Denmark , Univ. of Erlangen, Univ. of Heidelberg (Germany); Univ. of Basel, EMPA (Swiss); TU Delft (Netherland); Institute of Microelectronics, NCSR Demokritos (Greece);

In Asia including Univ. of Hiroshima, Univ . of Kyoto, Univ. of Osaka, Univ. of Tokyo, Univ . o f Tohoku , National Institute for Materials Science (Japan); Chin. Univ. of Science and Technology, Fudan Univ., Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology, Chinese Univ . of Hong Kong , Jilin Univ., Liaoning Univ., Peking Univ., Tsinghua Univ., Wuhan Univ., Zhongshan Univ. (China); King Saud University (Saudi Arabia); National Tsinghua Univ. , National Chiaotung Univ. ( Taiwan ); National Univ. of Singapore (Singapore); Mahidol University (Thailand); Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Indian Institute of Technology (New Delhi), National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, National Physical Laboratory (India); Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem (Israel);

In all other places including Australia National Univ., ANSTO, Monash University, Univ. of New South Wales, Univ. of Queensland (Australia); Univ. of Chile (Chile).