Graduate Student Supervision

Completed supervision of 40 Ph.D. theses including two dual degrees in University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille (France) and one in Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), 7 M.S. theses, and 9 post-doctoral fellows. About fifteen of them joined the faculty of major universities/institutes in China, Japan, North America, and Europe. Present group: 1 post-doctoral fellow plus 3 graduate students.

Among his students, Dr. Wenguang Zhu got 2004 MRS Graduate Student Silver Awards, Dr. Shenyuan Yang got 2008 MRS Graduate Student Silver Awards, Dr. Guangyu Zhang got the ”°100 Excellent PhD theses in China”± (2006), Dr. Guangyu Zhang (2003) and Dr. Jianjun Yang (2004) got the President Awards of Chinese Academy of Sciences for excellent research. Dr. Kaihui Liu got the Best Presentation Award, ICYS-ICMR Summer School on Nanomaterials, Tsukuba, Japan(2007) and Dr. Wangyang Fu got the Best Speaker Award, the 14th Vietnam School of Physics, Quy Nhon, Vietnam(2008). Mr. Lei Liu got the Best Poster Award, the 4th International Conference on New Diamond and Nano Carbons (NDNC 2010), Dr Wenguang Zhu got the Young ”°Qian-Ren”± Scholar (China, 2011), Dr Dingyong Zhong and Dr Chunyi Zhi got the Young ”°Qian-Ren”± Scholar (China, 2012), Dr Kaihui Liu got the Young ”°Qian-Ren”± Scholar (China, 2014), Dr Peng Gao got the Young ”°Qian-Ren”± Scholar (China, 2015).


Lectures in Universities

2010&2011, Surface Physics, School of Physics, Peking Univ., Fall Semester

2008, Principles of Surface Physics, (Textbook: F. Bechstedt, Springger-Verlag), Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, Oct. 2008-Jan. 2009

2007, ARCNN Distinguished Lectures I-V(in English), Australia National Univ., Australia, Feb.2-16.

2005, Lectures (in English), Advanced Study Institute on Frontiers in Computational Methods and their Applications in Physical Sciences, Chinese University of Hong Kong Nov.26-Dec.7. [Content: 1) Introduction to density functional theory and its application; 2) First-principles Kinetic Monte Carlo methods applied to surface; 3) Simulation study of water molecules on surface: hydrogen bonding and phase transitions.]