Low dimensional materials & Photoelectronics


Welcome to join our group!


Our group focuses on studies of low-dimensional materials and structures with novel photonic, optoelectronic and spintronic properties, using a variety of advanced techniques and spectroscopies, which allow us to resolve ultra- fast and fine electron and photon dynamics and their interactions in multiple dimensions of time, space, energy, momentum, spin, etc.

We are interested in low dimensional materials of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, two-dimensional materials of graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides, photonic crystal cavities and waveguides, and their mutual heterostructures. Using each of their advances, we aim at developing new functional materials and devices on desire and on interest with unlimited human creativity.

We are a young group established in September 2017 at the Institute of Modern Optics, School of Physics . We value creativity, inclusivity, independence, and team work. We want to have all members feel free to express opinions, to ask questions, to get helps, to inspire new ideas within the group. We want to work together to have every members have an enjoyable and fruitful period at Peking University.

Graduate students are mainly selected during the summer school held in July by the School of Physics at PKU, and we accept one new member each year.

Outstanding postdoc candidates are encouraged to contact Professor Yunan Gao directly and to apply BoYa Postdoctoral fellow (typically twice per year in March and September). Please send your CV along with a brief description of your previous research experience and future interests.





欢迎优异博士后人选申请博士后职位,请直接发求职信息,简历,以往科研经历成果描述和未来科研计划给高宇南老师,我们鼓励积极申请 北京大学博雅博士后项目 (一般一年两次机会,三月和九月申请)。依托国家重点实验室,科技部国家重点研发计划,以及国家自然科学基金委科研项目,我们有充足的科研经费和一流的科研条件支持博士后开展较为独立的科研探索!