201505 FRIB China CUSTIPEN Collaboration Meeting Agenda


Day 0: Wednesday, 27 May 2015

18:00-20:00 Welcome Reception at Quality Inn University (3121 E Grand River Ave, Lansing)


Day 1: Thursday, 28 May 2015

8:30 Welcome and Agenda (NSCL, Lecture Hall) Gelbke

08:30  Welcome

University representative, Thomas Glasmacher, Phil Duxbury (MSU)

08:45  Organizational Remarks

Pawel Danielewicz (MSU)

09:00  FRIB Scope and Status (PPT)

Thomas Glasmacher (MSU)

09:30  FRIB Theory Center (PPT)

Filomena Nunes (MSU)

09:45  Goals of the Workshop (PPT)

Witek Nazarewicz (MSU) and Yanlin Ye (PKU)

10:00  Break

10:30  Ongoing Collaborative Projects (NSCL, Lecture Hall) Danielewicz

10:30  CUSTIPEN, US Perspective (PPT)

Bao-An Li (TAMU Commerce)

10:45  CUSTIPEN, China Perspective (PPT)

Furong Xu (PKU)

11:00  High-Energy Nuclear Physics in China & Collaboration with RHIC (PPT)

Yugang Ma (SINAP-CAS)

11:30  Joint U.S.-China Lattice QCD Efforts (PDF)

Yi-Bo Yang (U Kentucky)

12:00  DFT with Continuum (PPT)

Junchen Pei (PKU)

12:20  Lunch

13:40  Possible Collaborative Projects: Experiment (NSCL, Lecture Hall) Mittig

13:40  Instrumentation at FRIB and HIAF (PPT)

XiaoDong Tang (IMP-CAS)

14:05  FRIB Experimental Equipmentfor Next Decade (PDF)

Michael Smith (ORNL)

14:30  Fundamental Interactions (PPT)

Zhengtian Lu (ANL)

14:55  High Rigidity Spectrometer (PPT)

Remco Zegers (MSU)

15:20  Nuclear Astrophysics: Jin Ping Facility (PDF)

Zhihong Li (CIAE)

15:45  Low-Energy Reaction Experiments (PPT)

Huimin Jia (CIAE)

16:10  Break

16:40  Facility Developments, Including Reacceleration (PPT)

Georg Bollen (MSU)

17:20  External Target Facility at CSR (PPT)

Zhiyu Sun (IMP-CAS)

17:50  Mass Measurements and Related Physics (PPT)

Yuhu Zhang (IMP-CAS)

Day 2: Friday, 29 May 2015

08:30  Science Reviews 1 (NSCL, Lecture Hall) Tsang

08:30  Heavy-ion Research Facility in Lanzhou and Its Science, HIAF Project (PPT)

Xiaohong Zhou (IMP-CAS)

09:10  RIB PhysicsResearch in China (PPT)

Yanlin Ye (PKU)

09:40  Equation of State (PPT)

Zhigang Xiao (Tsinghua)

10:10  Break

10:40 Possible Collaborative Projects: Theory (NSCL, Lecture Hall) Horowitz

10:40  Clustering in Exotic Nuclei (PDF)

Zhongzhou Ren (Nanjing U)

11:00  Nuclear Reactions (PDF)

Danyang Pang (Beihang U)

11:20  High Performance Computing (PDF)

George Fann (ORNL)

11:40  Education

Morten Hjorth-Jensen (MSU)

12:00  Lunch

13:00  Science Reviews 2 (NSCL, Lecture Hall) Yuan

13:00  Hadron Structure from Lattice QCD (PDF)

Jianwei Qiu (BNL)

13:30  Nuclear Structure from Lattice QCD (PDF)

Martin Savage (INT)

14:00  Ab-initio Nuclear StructureTheory (PDF)

Scott Bogner (MSU)

14:30 FRIB-Asia Collaborative Scheme: What Makes Sense? (NSCL, Lecture Rm) Thoennessen

14:30 DOE Perspective (PPT)

Tim Hallman (DOE)

15:00 China Perspective (PPT)

Yanlin Ye (PKU)

15:30  Break

16:00-18:00  Parallel Working Groups

     Nuclear Structure/Direct Reaction Experiments  (NSCL, Lecture Hall)

Remco Zegers (MSU), Chengjian Lin (CAS), Deqing Fang (SINAP-CAS), Yanlin Ye (PKU), Shuo Wang (SDU), Danyang Pan (BHU)

     Facilities (NSCL, Rm. 2129)

Guoqing Xiao (IMP-CAS), Georg Bollen (MSU), Jie Wei (MSU), Xiaohong Zhou, Jiansong Wang (IMP-CAS)…

     Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments (NSCL, Rm. 3129)

Michael Smith (ORNL), Zhihong Li (CIAE), XiaoDong Tan (IMP-CAS), Jianjun He (IMP-CAS)

     Fundamental Interactions Experiments (NSCL, Rm. 4129)

Zhengtian Lu (ANL), Jaideep Singh (MSU), Yuhu Zhang (IMP-CAS), Meng Wang (IMP-CAS)…

     Nuclear Structure Theory (NSCL, Rm. 1221B)

Calvin Johnson (San Diego State), Furong Xu (PKU), Junchen Pei (PKU), Zhongzhou Ren (Nanjing U)…

     Central Nuclear Reactions/EOS (NSCL, Rm. 1221A)

Betty Tsang (MSU), Yugang Ma (SINAP-CAS), Chuck Horowitz (Indiana), Fengshou Zhang (Beijing Normal U), Bao-An Li (TAMU-Commerce), Yingxun Zhang (CIAE)

           QCD Theory (BPS, Rm. 1400)

       Martin Savage (INT), C.-P. Yuan (MSU)


18:30  Hosted Dinner at Kellogg Center Hotel & Conference Center (219 S. Harrison, East Lansing)

Day 3: Saturday, 30 May 30 2015

9:00 Working Groups Summary 1 (NSCL, Lecture Hall) Ye

   NuclearStructure/Direct Reactions Experiments (PPT)

   Facilities (PPT)

   NuclearAstrophysics Experiments (PDF)

   Fundamental Interactions Experiments (PPT)

11:00 Break

11:30 Working Groups Summary 2 (NSCL, Lecture Hall) Xu

   NuclearStructure Theory (PDF)

   QCD Theory (PDF)

   Central Nuclear Reactions/EOS (PPT)

12:30  Lunch

14:00 Panel Discussion:  What Makes Sense? (NSCL, Lecture Hall) Nazarewicz

Pawel Danielewicz(MSU), Yugang Ma(SINAP-CAS), Brad Sherrill (MSU), Yuhu Zhang (IMP-CAS), Xiaodong Tang (IMP-CAS), Remco Zegers (MSU)

           Closing Hsu