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6 graduate students, 1 post doctor and 5 undergraduate student.

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Research Highlight 1

By the application of vertical electric field in dual-gated BP field-effect transistors (FETs), a total bandgap reduction of 124 meV is observed when the electrical displacement field is increased from 0.10V/nm to 0.83V/nm.This is among the works of the first demonstration of tunable bandgap devices based on black phosphorus. Accepted in Chinese Physics Letters

Research Highlight 2

The change of MR could be as large as 400,000%, if the ultra-thin samples are tuned to neutrality when preserving the mobility of 167,000 cm2V-1s-1 observed in bulk samples. Accepted in 2D Materials

Research Highlight 3

The first study in which the stabilities of fully symmetry broken QHstates are probed all together. 2D Mater. 4 (2017) 015003

Research Highlight 4

This experiment provided a complete picture of how the performance of high quality graphene field effect devices is affected by their major scatterers. Nature Nano 3, 206

Research Highlight 5

Lattice Defects deminishes mobility without increasing the depth of electron-hole puddles. RPL 102, 236805

Research Highlight 6

Point defects in graphene are local moments which interact strongly with the conduction electrons through the Kondo effect. Nature Physics 7, 535

Research Highlight 7

Tuning electron-electron interactions in graphene have opposite effects in the strength of long-ranged and short-ranged scattering. Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 146805

Research Highlight 8

The first experimental proof that charged impurity is the dominant carrier scatterers in high quality graphene samples. Nature Physics, 4, 377 - 381

Laboratory for Nanoelectronics and In-situ Quantum Transport

Principal investigator: Jian-Hao Chen


Office:   Room 667, West Physics Building

Tel :   +86-10-62754537

E-mail :   chenjianhao(at)pku.edu.cn

Lab:   Room 507, Room 407, East Physics Building

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