[2017.02.15] Workshop: CESM1 on Tianhe2, Jun Yang.

CESM1 on Tianhe2

[2017.03.01] The homepage of planetary climate group released (by Lecong Zhang)


[2017.03.18] Paper accepted by Geology: Persistence of a freshwater surface ocean after a snowball Earth
[2017.03.22] A talk by Jinkun Cheng: Tianhe-2 Userguide


[2017.03.23] A short talk by Jun Yang: Clouds in Exoplanet Atmospheres


[2017.03.26] A short talk by Jun Yang: Physical Oceanography and Planetary Atmospheres

Physical Oceanography and Planetary Atmospheres

[2017.03.29] Planetary Atmosphere Course: Overview and Observational Survey


[2017.04.26] Abstrobiology science conferences at both Beijing and Arizona

Direct Transition from a snowball state to a runaway greenhouse state

[2017.06.23] Small Group Meeting, by Jun Yang

CCSM3 on Tianhe2

[2017.06.26] Paper accepted by Nature Geoscience: Abrupt Climate Transition of Icy Worlds from Snowball to Moist or Runaway Greenhouse
[2017.09.17] 如何顺利地进行本科生科研和毕业论文?, by Jun Yang

Undergraduate Research

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