Research Areas

Climate Dynamics and Climate Simulations
Climates of Earth and other planets (including Venus, Mars, and Exoplanets)

Current Projects (2017- )

(1) Exploring model differences in 3D global climate simulations of the habitable zone inner edge (with Jeremy Leconte, Eric T. Wolf, Timothy Merlis, Daniel D.B. Koll, Colin Goldblatt, Brian Toon, Francois Forget, Feng Ding, Micole Feldl, Yuwei Wang, and Dorian S. Abbot).
My previous work on this topic: Yang et al. 2016, ApJ.

(2) The dynamical range of ocean circulation on exoplanets and its implications on the inner edge of the habitable zone (with Eli Tziperman, Dorian S. Abbot, and Yosef Ashkenazy).
My previous work on this topic: Hu and Yang 2013, PNAS; Yang et al. 2014, ApJL.

(3) Ocean circulations on exoplanets simulated with a shallow water model (with Weiwen Ji and Ru Chen).

(4) Climate sensitivity and its spatial distribution in a dry AGCM with realistic radiative transfer (with Juan Li).
My previous work associated with this topic: Yang, et al. 2016, JGR-atmosphere.

Undergraduate Student Work

(1) Ozone concentration and spatial distribution on synchronously rotating planets around M stars (with Yangcheng Luo and Yongyun Hu)

(2) 3D atmospheric circulation on Mars (with Bowen Fan and Yongyun Hu)

(3) Clouds on water worlds and their effects on planetary climates.
My previous work on this topic: Yang, Cowan and Abbot 2013, ApJL; Yang, Boue, Frabrycky, and Abbot 2014, ApJL; Yang and Abbot 2014, ApJ.

(4) Surface temperature and precipitation after the melting of a snowball Earth.
My previous work on the topic of snowball Earth theory: Yang et al. 2012a,b,c,d, Journal of Climate & Climate of the Past; Hu, Yang, et al. 2011, Climate of the Past; Liu et al. 2016, Climate Dynamics.


(1) Effects of background gases concentrations on the surface temperature of early Earth (NSFC 2017 to 2020);

(2) Estimating the timescale of ocean mixing after the melting of a snowball Earth (NSFC 2017 to 2019);

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