Zhuo Li (黎卓)
Bairen Research Professor (百人计划研究员)

说明: E:\backup\photos\Israel\Jordan11-14Apr2008\Jordan2\Jordan 066.jpgDepartment of Astronomy
Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics
Peking University
Beijing 100871

Office: Rm 108, KIAA bldg
Phone: +86 10 62754891
Email: zhuo.li[at]pku.edu.cn


Research Interests

  • Gamma-ray bursts and supernovae
  • High energy cosmic rays and neutrinos
  • Relativistic collisionless shocks

If you are looking for a postgraduate project or for a postdoc job, please feel free to contact me!



Career History

Selected papers

  • “Gamma-Ray Burst Spectrum with Decaying Magnetic Field” 2013arXiv1310.0551 ApJ accepted, with XH Zhao, XW Liu, BB Zhang, JM Bai and P Meszaros
  • “On the magnetization of gamma-ray burst blast waves” 2013MNRAS.tmp.2156L MNRAS in press, with M Lemoine and XY Wang
  • “Fermi Limit on the Neutrino Flux from Gamma-Ray Bursts” 2013ApJ...770L..40L
  • “Delayed onset and fast rise of prompt optical-UV emission from gamma-ray bursts in molecular clouds” 2013RAA13,57 with XH Cui and LP Xin
  • Note on the Normalization of Predicted GRB Neutrino Flux 2012PRD85b7301
  • “The upstream magnetic field of collisionless GRB shocks: constraint by Fermi-LAT observations” 2011JCAP05,008 with XH Zhao
  • “The Bulk Lorentz Factors of Fermi-LAT Gamma Ray Bursts” 2011ApJ726,89with XH Zhao and JM Bai
  • “Prompt GeV Emission from Residual Collisions in Gamma-Ray Burst Outflows: Evidence from Fermi Observations of GRB 080916C” 2010ApJ709, 525
  • “GRB 080916C: On the Radiation Origin of the Prompt Emission from keV/MeV to GeV” 2009ApJ698, L98 with XY Wang, ZG Dai and P Meszaros
  • “Prompt Optical Emission from Residual Collisions in Gamma-Ray Burst Outflows” 2008ApJ674, L65 with E Waxman
  • EeV neutrinos associated with UHECR sources” 2007arXiv0711.4969 with E Waxman
  • Nonthermal Gamma-Ray/X-Ray Flashes from Shock Breakout in Gamma-Ray Burst-Associated Supernovae” 2007ApJ664, 1026 with XY Wang, E Waxman and P Meszaros
  • “The Upstream Magnetic Field of Collisionless GRB Shocks” 2006ApJ651, 328 with E Waxman
  • “GeV-TeV and X-Ray Flares from Gamma-Ray Bursts” 2006ApJ641, L89 with XY Wang and P Meszaros
  • “Late-Time Radio Rebrightening of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows: Evidence for Double-Sided Jets” 2004ApJ614, L17 with LM Song
  • “Pair Loading in Gamma-Ray Burst Fireballs and Prompt Emission from Pair-Rich Reverse Shocks” 2003ApJ599, 380 with ZG Dai and T Lu
  • “Long-term neutrino afterglows from gamma-ray bursts” 2002A&A396, 303 with ZG Dai and T Lu


  • I am married to Yurong, and I became a father to PiPi (皮皮) when he joined us on 10 April, 2009.