The nano-semiconductors and semiconductor photonics group is currently focused on the following four major areas:

  1. Nano-semiconductor materials, properties, and related devices
    Synthesizing and fabricating high-quality 1D (nanowires and nanobelts) and 2D (graphene and MoS2) semiconductor nano-materials. Studying their novel physical properties and devices. Based on these materials, fabricating and studying high-performance nano-electronic and nano-photonic devices, including: nano-Schottky diodes, nano MOSFETs & MESFETs, CMOS, CMES, logic circuits (inverter, NOR, NAND gates, memory), waveguides, light-emitting diodes, Si-based electrically driven lasers, solar cells, photodetector, plasmon lasers etc.

  2. Organic semiconductor photonics
    Fabricating and studying high-efficient Si-based and C-based organic light emitting diodes.  We have realized most efficient Si-based organic light emitting diodes, with a power conversion efficiency of 12%. Both p-Si and n-Si are successfully utilized to be the anode and cathode of the organic light emitting diodes. We also realized top-emission organic light-emitting diode with a novel copper/graphene composite anode for the first time.

  3. Silicon - compound semiconductors hybrid laser
    Focusing on hybrid silicon lasers based on bonding of silicon and compound semiconductors with direct bandgap. We have demonstrated a prototype silicon hybrid laser, which is characterized by the bonded gain layer of III-V semiconductor on the silicon waveguide.

  4. Silicon photonics
    Focusing on highly efficient silicon electroluminescence devices and silicon lasers based on [the] nanoscale siliocn/SiO2 and other dielectric materials, luminecence center-doped silicon-based materials, new-type Si based solar cells and related physics.