The 3rd Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium on
"High Energy Spin Physics"

An external activity of APCTP

October 8-13, 2001, Beijing, China

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International Advisory Committee:

        T.D. Lee (Honorable Member)
        S.J. Brodsky (SLAC, USA)
        Chao-Hsi Chang (ITP, Beijing, China)
        Kuang-Ta Chao (Peking Univ, China)       
        H.-Y. Cheng (Phys Inst, Taiwan, China)
        B.K. Chung (APCTP, Korea)
        Yuan-Ben Dai (ITP, Beijing, China)
        Dong-Sheng Du (IHEP, Beijing, China)
        Tao Huang (IHEP, Beijing, China)
        W-Y.P. Hwang (National Taiwan Univ, Taiwan, China)
        N. Isgur (JLab, USA)
        R.L. Jaffe (MIT, USA)
        Kees de Jager (JLab, USA)
        Yu-Ping Kuang (Tsinghua Univ, Beijing, China)
        T. Morii (Kobe Univ, Japan)
        K.K. Phua (World Scientific, Singapore)
        I. Schmidt (Santa Maria Univ, Valparaiso, Chile)
        Wen-Qing Shen (SINR, Shanghai, China)
        A.W. Thomas (Univ of Adelaide, Australia)
        Fan Wang (Nanjing Univ, China)
        Li-Ming Yang (Peking Univ, China)
        K. Yazaki (TWCU/RIKEN, Japan)
        Ming-Han Ye (CCAST, Beijing, China)
        Zhong-Ye Zhang (IHEP, Bejing, China)

International Organizers:

        J.-P. Chen      (JLab, USA)       
        H.-n. Li        (Chung-Kun Univ, Taiwan, China) 
        S. Kumano       (Saga Univ, Japan)
        Bo-Qiang Ma     (Peking Univ, China)  (Chair)
        D.-P. Min       (Seoul National Univ, Korea) 
        G.P. Ramsey     (Loyola Univ, Chicago, USA)
        N. Saito        (Riken, Wako, Japan)
        T.-A. Shibata   (Tokyo Inst Tech/RIKEN, Japan)   

Organization Committee:

        Wei-Qin Chao   (CCAST, China)
        Xiao-Lin Chen   (Peking Univ, China)
        Yu-Qi Chen      (ITP, Beijing, China)
        Chun-Yuan Gao   (Peking Univ, China) 
        Yuan-Ning Gao   (Tsinghua Univ, Beijing, China) 
        Chuan Liu       (Peking Univ, China)
        Wei-Ping Liu    (CIAE, Beijing, China)
        Yu-Xin Liu       (Peking Univ, China)
        Bo-Qiang Ma     (Peking Univ, China) 
        Jian-Ping Ma    (ITP, Beijing, China)    
        Ya-Jun Mao    (Peking Univ, China)    
        Qing Pan    (Peking Univ, China)    
        Yan-Lin Ye      (Peking Univ, China)
        Han-Qing Zheng  (Peking Univ, China)
        Bing-Song Zou   (IHEP, Beijing, China)
        Zheng-Guo Zhao  (IHEP, Beijing, China) 

Time period:

October 8-13, 2001

Oct 8 -- registration day
Oct 9,10,11 -- sessions of the conference
Oct 12 -- a tour day
Oct 13 -- sessions in the morning


Peking University, Beijing, China

Program synopsis:

Spin physics plays an essential role in theoretical and phenomenological areas of research in particle physics. Theoretical studies of hadron structure and jet hadronization in quantum chromodynamics have focussed on spin and polarization correlations since the quark flavor properties of nucleons and hadrons are closely related to their spin content. Many new types of structure functions and distributions and many novel features and anomalies continue to be explored. Thus a central focus of the research programs at leading experimental facilities and colliders is the probe of the spin structure of hadrons and polarization correlations. In particular research at RHIC is directed to the exploration of the spin structure of the nucleon using new experimental techniques.

This symposium aims at promoting research in hadronic spin physics and strengthening the communications and collaborations between the theoretical and experimental physicists in the Asia Pacific and nearby regions.

Scientific topics

Organizing and Sponsoring Institutions

Peking University
Chinese Physics Society
China Center of Advanced Science and Techonology (CCAST)
Beijing Institute of Modern Physics
National Natural Science Foundation of China
Inst. of Theoretical Physics, Academia Sinica
CSSM, Adelaide Univ, Australia
RIKEN, Japan
Asia-Pacific Center of Theoretical Physics








Conference Proceedings

Talks and also some selected contributed papers will be published in proceedings as a special issue of Int.J.Mod.Phys.A by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd..

However, those that do not meet the criterion of new and independent contribution, or of poor quality, will be refused for publication.

Format: plenary talk in 8 pages and parallel talk and contributed paper in 4 pages, size 9.75" x 6.5". All diagrams or figures are to be in black & white.

Style Files: please download the Latex2e style file for the trim size 9.75" x 6.5" from here:
All papers should be formatted according to these style files so that a good camera-ready hard copy can be produced.

Please name the tex file with the first three charactors of speaker's name. The figure files should be in the subfolder with the same three charactors of speaker's name and it would be also better to name the figure files with the three charactors of speaker's name + f + number of the figure. For example, the files of Anselmino should be ans.tex, ansf1.eps,ansf2.eps, et al., and the figure files should be in the subfolder of "ans".

Please send all files as attached files to

Deadline: December 5, 2001.

Board and Lodging

Participants will be accommodated in the Guest Hotel of Peking University or nearby Hotels. The price will be of about 30-60 USD per day for a standard double room. Cheap accommodation may be of around 10 USD per day. The fee is payed in cash or travellers cheques. Meals may be of around 20 USD or less per day in restaurants inside or near the Campus.

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Conference Fee

The registration fee is of $250 USD payed in cash. The fee will cover reception, banquet, social activities, coffee break and lunch.  It will also cover the proceedings.


Forbidden City and Great Wall in organization. The Summer Palace and Ruins of Yuanmingyuan are in walking distance from the Campus. Beijing has too many historic and scenic spots to see.
Also it is the best season of Beijing in October.
Beijing City Guide

Contact Address

            Bo-Qiang Ma /Professor of Physics,
            Department of Physics, Peking University,
            Beijing 100871, China


The registration form should be received before 1 May  2001, later registration is also acceptable.
Registration via e-mail is prefered.

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I am interested in attending:            (yes/no)
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