A one day city excursion tours will be provided during the conference for a sightseeing of Beijing.

A. City Excursion

Line 1: The Great Wall

The Great Wall is 6350km long and was in China's feudal years a mammoth defense bulwark that serpentined its way across mountains and valleys in the northern part of the country. Construction of the Great Wall began in the 7th century BC. But it was Qinshihuang, the founding emperor of the first unifying dynasty Qin, who brought it to completion. Repeated extensions were done in later dynasties until the Ming. The 600-year-old Badaling Fortification in Yanqing County in northwest Beijing is representative of Ming sections of the Great Wall.

Line 2: Forbidden City

The Forbidden City, now known within China as the Palace Museum, occupies the central part of Beijing Municipality, and was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Its construction began in 1406. Over the years after its completion, 24 emperors ruled the whole country from here for nearly 500 years. With many halls and pavilions, marble railings and steps, red walls and yellow tiles, the Forbidden City looks resplendent and magnificent. It occupies an area of over 720,000 square meters with 9,000 bays of halls and rooms.