• Oct-02-2014, 全国第十二届重味物理和CP破坏研讨会, 河南师范大学
         Top Yukawa Coupling and Four Top Quark Production
• Oct-02-2014, The 7th International Workshop on Top Quark Physics, Cannes, France

         Top Quark and Exotic Models: Theoretical Overview (not SUSY)
• Aug-27-2014, IHEP学术报告
• Aug-23-2014,
iSTEP Summer School in China
• Aug-22-2014,
iSTEP Summer School in China
• Aug-20-2014,
iSTEP Summer School in China
• Ju
ly-06-2014, 北大暑期夏令营
• Nov-22-2013, invited talk on 19th International symposium on particles, strings and cosmology
Searing for new physics with polarised top quark
• Oct-10-2013, 2013
Nobel 2013: electroweak symmetry breaking
• Aug-02-2013,
Search for charged Higgs boson with polarized top quark
• July-13-2013, 北大暑期夏令营
• July-03-2013, 国科大物理前沿讲座
• June-05-2013, Frontier of Theoretical Physics
• June-04-2013, Shanghai Particle and Cosmology Symposium
• Jan-24-2013, Theoretical seminar at Naikai University
• Jan-24-2013, The 6th workshop of Theoretical and Experimental HEP groups at PKU
• Jan-22-2013, School of Physics Annual Conference @ Beijing
• Jan-18-2013, KeyLaboratory Annual Conference @ Beijing
• Jan-12-2013, LHEP2013 @ Sanya
Probe new physics with polarized top quark
• Dec-19-2012, Workshop @ Tsinghua
Electroweak Precision at CHF and SppC
• Nov-29-2012, Colloquium @ Theory Division of Institute of High Energy Physics
Electroweak Theory at Multi-TeV colliders
• Dec-07-2012, Seminar @ Zhejiang University
• Nov-22-2012, Seminar @ University of Science and Technology of China
• Nov-14-2012, 7th workshop of Tera-scale Physics @ Tsinghua University
• Nov-01-2012, Seminar @ Huazhong Normal University
Measuring top-quark polarization in top pair plus missing energy events
• Oct-26-2012, Colloquium @ Qingdao University,
• Oct-25-2012, The 10th Heavy Flavor and CP violation conference at Qingdao, Organized by Yantai University
Measuring top-quark polarization in top pair plus missing energy events
• May-22-2012, Theo-Exp Joint seminar @ PKU
Some old thoughts of Higgs physics
• April-26-2012, The 11th High Energy Conference @ Kuming
Top quark physics at Terascale
• Mar-28-2012, Mini-LHC workshop @ IHEP
Review of top quark physics
• Dec-27-2011, Workshop on the Frontier of theoretical physics @ ITP
Top quark polarization and new physics
• Dec-9-2011, Theory seminar @ GUCAS
Top quark Forward-Backward asymmetry, same-sign top quark pairs and new physics
• Nov-27-2011, Workshop on LHC and DM Physics @ SJTU
Dynamics origin of AFB^t and AFB^l
• Dec-19-2008, Theory seminar @ PKU
Search for dark scalars at the collider