Lab for Ultracold Atoms and Precision Engineering
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PI: Xibo Zhang(CV)

Assistant Professor

Room W529, ICQM and School of Physics, Peking University

    Welcome to our lab for ultracold strontium atoms and precision measurements. We are interested in combining the powers of ultracold atoms and precision measurements to study quantum manybody physics. Specifically, our first experiment will choose atomic strontium (Sr) that is very unique because it simultaneously possesses the capability to reach ultracold temperatures and an ultra-narrow clock transition that is ideal for performing precision spectroscopy with. We will cool Sr atoms into quantum degeneracy (at nanoKelvin temperatures), manipulate them with precision tools like high-spatial-resolution microscopy and high-resolution laser spectroscopy to create interesting quantum states, and precisely measure these quantum states with the same tools that are used to create them. Ultracold strontium holds promise for realizing novel quantum states in strongly correlated systems as well as exotic interacting topological materials.

Recent News

2017.12.22 Wei, Mingcheng, Han visit Prof. Ma, Longsheng (马龙生)'s group in ECNU.

2017.06.04~2017.06.15 Xibo, Wei and Mingcheng attend 48th Annual DAMOP Meeting at Sacramento, California, USA. After the meeting, they visit Prof. Cheng Chin's lab in the University of Chicago and Prof. Jun Ye's lab in JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder.

2017.02.09 Han Zhang(张涵) from Shandong University joins our group as a Ph.D candidate. Welcome!

Previous works

Lab position: West B166-B178, Physics building, Peking University

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