Xue-Bing Wu

Professor of Astrophysics,
Department of Astronomy, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China
Associate Director,
Kavli Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics

Office: Room 2903S, No. 2 Science Building / KIAA 209
Phone: (+86-10) 62758635/62765998; FAX: (+86-10) 62765031/62767900
Email: wuxb[et]pku.edu.cn


Undergraduate course: Frontiers of Astrophysics (Spring, before 2010), Fundamental Astronomy (Spring, after 2013)
Postgraduate courses: Active Galactic Nuclei (Spring); Radiative Processes in Astrophysics (Autumn,before 2013)

Research Interests

Accretion disks; Black hole physics; LAMOST extragalactic survey; Quasars and active galactic nuclei; X-ray binaries

Research Assistants in My Group

Present stars (you are welcome to join us!):
Postdoc: Xiaoyi Dong (2013-)
Postgraduates:  Jinyi Yang (2011-), Feige Wang (2012-), Qian Yang (2012-)
Undergraduate: Chen Zhang (2014-), Qitong Chen (2013-), Minghao Yue (2014-), Heng Xu (2014-), Wenzhuo Huang (2014-), Fengyang Jiang (2014-), Tianyu He (2014-)
LAMOST Postdoctoral Fellowship advertisement

Former stars and their current positions:
Postdocs: Yanli Ai (2012-2014, postdoc at Zhongshan Univ.); Chengliang Jiao (2009-2011, postdoc at KASI, Korea); Zhaoyu Chen (2009-2011, postdoc at NAOC)
Postgraduates: Wenwen Zuo (2009-2014, PhD; Staff at SHAO), Zhaoyu Li (2006-2011, PhD; Faculty at SHAO), Zhendong Jia (2008-2011, MSc; Google Shanghai), Ran Wang (2004-2009, PhD; Faculty at KIAA-PKU), Lei Qian (2004-2009, PhD; NAOC faculty), Bingxiao Xu (2003-2007, Msc; PhD student in Johns Hopkins U.), Fan Zhang (2003-2005, MSc.), Rui Chen & Tianzhi Zhang (2001-2003, industry)
Jointly Supervised Postgraduates in Other Institutes: Weimin Yi (2015, PhD of Yunnan Observatory), Ligang Hou (2012, PhD of NAOC), Minzhi Kong (2006, PhD of NAOC, Associate professor in Hebei Normal U.)
Undergraduates: Shu Wang (2013-2014, PKU), Mengtao Tang (2013-2014, Arizona), Datao Wang (2013-2014, Tsinghua), Jianqun Luo (2012-2013,PKU-Shenzhen), Rui Guo (2012-2013,NAOC), Yifei Jin (2011-2012,Tsinghua), Zhan Bai (2011-2012,PKU), Zhihua Liu (2011-2012,BNU), Guoqiang Hao (2010-2011,PKU), Xiaping Tang (2008-2009, U. Virginia), Jing Luan (2007-2008, Caltech), Jie Zhou (2006-2007, NAOC), Chaolun Wu (2004-2006, U. Virginia), Qi Hu (2004-2006, U. Colorado), Yongzhe Gui (2005-2006, PKU), Sheng Chen & Jinwu Qi (2004-2005, NAOC), Wei Zhang (2002-2003, U. Washington St. Louis), Shaokun Yang (2001-2002, industry)
Visitor: Jie Tang (2010-2011)

Publications (>120):
An imcomplete list of my papers in ADS

News Media Coverages:

In English (>500):including CNN,Time,Washington Post,LA Times,Reuters,National Geographic,Discovery,Scientific American,...
In Chinese (>500):including CCTV,People's Daily,GuangMing Daily,XinhuaNet,China Science Daily,Beijing Daily,...

My Recent Talks (incomplete):


B.Sc., 1986, Physics, Central China Normal Univ.
M.Sc., 1989, Astrophysics, Central China Normal Univ.
Ph.D., 1996, Astrophysics, Beijing Astronomical Observatory(now NAOC), Chinese Academy of Sciences

Working Experiences

1989-1993, Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Dept. of Physics, Central China Normal Univ.
1996-1998, Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1998-2000, Research Associate, Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2000-2001, Associate Professor, Department of Astronomy, Peking University
2001-present, Professor (as Department Chair in 2011-2014 and Deputy Chair in 2003-2011), Department of Astronomy, Peking University

Visiting Experiences

10/1995-01/1996, Research Assistant, Dept. of Physics, The University of Hong Kong, China
04/1997-07/1997, Visiting Scientist, Max-Plank Institut fuer Extraterrestriche Physik, Germany
07/1097-08/1997, Visiting Scientist, Max-Plank Institut fuer Astrophysik, Germany
01/1999-07/1999, Visiting Scientist, Dept. of Physics, University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA
08/1999-12/2000, Visiting Scientist, Max-Plank Institut fuer Astrophysik, Germany
04/2004-05/2004, Visiting Scientist, Academic Sinica, Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Taipei
05/2005-06/2005, Visiting Scientist, Dept. of Physics, Purdue University, USA
02/2011-05/2011, Senior Visiting Fellow, Dept. of Astronomy/Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, USA

Professional Memberships and Services

2013-, Chair of the User Committee of LAMOST
2011-, Member of Quasars and AGN Science Working Group of ngCFHT
2010-, Vice President of Beijing Astronomical Society
2010-, Member of LAMOST Scientific Committee and LAMOST Extragalactic Survey Team(LEGAS)
2002-2010, Member of the Standing Council of Chinese Astronomical Society; Director of the Space Astronomy & High Energy Astrophysics Committee
2003-, Member of International Astronomical Union (IAU)     

Awards and Honors

2015: Our discovery was selected as one of top 100 stories of 2015 (#70) by Discover Magazine in USA
2015: Our Nature paper was selected as one of top 100 articles 2015 (#81) by Altmetric in UK
2015: Huang Runqian Prize for Astrophysics Fundamental Research, Chinese Astronomical Society
2015: Research was selected as one of top ten science and technology achievements in Chinese Universities in 2015 by Ministry of Education, China
2011: Research was selected as one of top ten science and technology achievements in Chinese astronomy in 2011 by Chinese Astronomical Society
2003: Second Prize for Natural Science, Ministry of Education of China

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