About us

Welcome to Yu Ye's research group in the School of Physics at Perking University. We are interested in light-matter interactions and electrical properties in condensed matter physics, with an emphasis on novel physical phenomena emerging in atomically-thin materials, van der Waals heterostructures and surfaces/interfaces by nanoscale device designs, optical spectroscopy, electrical transport, and scanning photocurrent measurements.

Recent Publications

[42] In-plane anisotropies of polarized Raman response and electrical conductivity in layered tin selenide
Xiaolong Xu, Qingjun Song, Haifeng Wang, Pan Li, Kun Zhang, Yilun Wang, Kai Yuan, Zichen Yang, Yu Ye✉ and Lun Dai✉, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces DOI:101021/acsami.7b00782.

[41] High thermoelectric power factor in two-dimensional crystals of MoS2
Kedar Hippalgaonkar#, Ying Wang#, Yu Ye# (equal contribution), Diana Y. Qiu, Hanyu Zhu, Yuan Wang, Joel Moore, Steven G. Louie and Xiang Zhang, Physical Review B 95, 115407 (2017).

[40] Ultrasensitive near-infrared photodetectors based on a graphene-MoTe2-graphene vertical van der Waals heterostructure
Kun Zhang, Xin Fang, Yilun Wang, Yi Wan, Qingjun Song, Wenhao, Zhai, Yanping Li, Guangzhao Ran, Yu Ye✉ and Lun Dai✉, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces DOI:10.1021/acsami.6b14483.

[39] Atomically phase-matched second-harmonic generation in a 2D crystal
Mervin Zhao, Ziliang Ye, Ryuji Suzuki, Yu Ye, Hanyu Zhu, Jun Xiao, Yuan Wang, Yoshihiro Iwasa and Xiang Zhang, Light: Science & Applications, 5, e16131 (2016).

[38] 谷电子自由度电学调控的首次实现
王海龙, 叶堉, 赵建华, 张翔, 物理, 45, 516-519, (2016).

Lab News

April 2017: Yu attended "2017 The Forefront of Research in Nanotechnology", Xiamen.

April 2017: Yu invited Professor Jun Zhang from Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences give a talk of "Laser cooling of phonons in semiconductors" at "The Forum on Condensed Matter Physics, Peking Univerity".

March 2017: Xiaolong's paper about anisotropic studies of layered SnSe was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, congratulations!

March 2017: Yu helped organize the DMP 12.1.3 "Devices from 2D materials: function, fabrication and charaterization", and chaired the sessions of "2D atomic layer hetero-devices" and "Phosphorus devices and device physics" in APS March meeting, New Orleans.

November 2016: Yu presented an invited talk at "4th UESTC International Forum of Young Scholars", Chengdu.

  • Address: West 333, School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing 100871
  • Email: ye_yu@pku.edu.cn
  • Phone: (86)10-62756453