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We are an experimental research group in condensed matter physics. Using the uniquely designed scanning probe microscopes, we investigate the electronic, magnetic, and optical properties of single molecules and nano-structures, as well as the related ultrafast dynamics processes. more


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  • 2018.10 : Prof. Ulrike Diebold, from TU Wien, Vienna, Austria, has visited our lab. see pictures
  • 2018.09 : Jing Guo was awarded the Springer Thesis prize for her outstanding Ph.D. thesis "High Resolution Imaging, Spectroscopy and Nuclear Quantum Effects of Interfacial Water". link, pku news
  • 2018.07 : Professor Jiang was invited to a mini-workshop ("Properties of Water at Molecular Scale") co-organized by Andre Geim and Vladimir Falko in National Graphene Institute of Manchester. see photos
  • 2018.06 : Zhichang Wang finished his Ph.D thesis defense and will join Diebold group as a Postdoctoral researcher. see picture
  • 2018.06 : Jing Guo joined the College of Chemistry in Beijing Normal University as a full Professor.
  • 2018.05 : Professor Jiang wins the 2018 Tan Kah Kee Young Scientist Award. link, pku news, pku news(english edition)
  • 2018.05 : Our review work "Research advances in investigating nuclear quantum effects of water" was published in Chinese Science Bulletin.
  • 2018.05 : Our paper "The effect of hydration number on the interfacial transport of sodium ions" was published by Nature. pku news, pku news(english edition), Nature Review Chemisty, Chinese Science Bulletin
  • 2018.03 : Professor Jiang was invited to 255th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA.
  • 2018.03 : Jinbo was awarded Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers. link
  • 2018.03 : Our joint work was published in Nano Letters. Congratulations, Runze!
  • 2018.02 : Our joint work was published in Advanced Materials. Congratulations, Zhichang!
  • 2018.01 : Our paper "Weakly perturbative imaging of interfacial water with submolecular resolution by atomic force microscopy" was published by Nature Communication. pku news, pku news(english edition), Chinese Science Bulletin