1. Group Members

 A group photo taken on Teachers' Day, Sept. 10, 2018.

 Front row from left to right: Ke Bian, Bowei Cheng, Zhichang Wang, Wentian Zheng, Prof. Jiang, Jinbo Peng.

 Back row from left to right: Qin Wang, Ye Tian, Sifan You, Runze Ma, Ghaoyu Guo, Jing Guo, Hao Xie, Yizhi Song, Jiani Hong.


2. Academic Meetings

Group members attended the DPG Meeting 2019.


3. Have Fun

We were skiing in NanShan Ski Village. January, 2019


4.Dine Toghter

We took a group dinner to celebrate the new year on Jan.7, 2019.


5. Others

Jiming Sheng and Runze Ma took a bachelor gown photo with Prof. Jiang in our lab.