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Observation of inverse Edelstein effect in Rashba-split 2DEG between SrTiO3 and LaAlO3 at room temperature

Qi Song*, Hongrui Zhang*, Tang Su, Wei Yuan, Yangyang Chen, Wenyu Xing, Jing Shi, Jirong Sun, and Wei Han
Science Advances 3, e1602312 (2017)


Spin injection and inverse Edelstein effect in the surface states of topological Kondo insulator SmB6

Qi Song, Jian Mi, Dan Zhao, Tang Su, Wei Yuan, Wenyu Xing, Yangyang Chen, Tianyu Wang, Tao Wu, Xian Hui Chen, X. C. Xie, Chi Zhang, Jing Shi, and Wei Han
Nature Communications 7, 13485 (2016)



Giant facet-dependent spin-orbit torque and spin Hall conductivity in the triangular antiferromagnet IrMn3

Weifeng Zhang*, Wei Han*, See-hum Yang, Yan Sun, Yang Zhang, Binghai Yan, and Stuart S. P. Parkin

Science Adavances 2, e1600759 (2016)

Crystal Structure Manipulation of the Exchange Bias in an Antiferromagnetic Film

Wei Yuan, Tang Su, Qi Song, Wenyu Xing, Yangyang Chen, Tianyu Wang, Zhangyuan Zhang, Xiumei Ma, Peng Gao, Jing Shi and Wei Han

Scientific Reports 6, 28397 (2016)
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