Principal Investigator

Jian-Hao Chen(陈剑豪)

Dr. Jian-Hao Chen holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Physics from Zhejiang University at Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. He finished his PhD in Physics under the supervision of Prof. Ellen Williams at University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland, United States in 2009. Thereafter, he worked as a Research Fellow in the nanoelectronics group of Prof. Michael Fuhrer at University of Maryland and in Prof. Alex Zettl’s group at University of California at Berkeley. Since March 2013 he is Associate Professor and Principle Investigator of the Laboratory for Nanoelectronics and In-Situ Quantum Transport at School of Physics in Peking University. His present research is focused on studying the physics and applications of low-dimensional electronic materials and its nanostructures, manipulation of material properties at the atomic scale, and in-situ quantum transport characterization in ultra-high vacuum environment.  He has published 16 refereed articles with a total SCI citation of more than 2400.


Post Docs

Xinjian Wei(魏鑫健)

Shaobo Liu(刘少博)


Graduate Students

Chuanwu Cao(曹传午)

Yinan Liu(刘轶男)

Shimin Cao(曹世民)

Zhijian Xie(谢志坚)

Guangyi Chen(陈光毅)

Shaomian Qi(齐少勉)

Shan Wang(王善)

Ning Ma(马宁)

Mantang Chen(陈满堂)

Runjie Zheng(郑润杰)

Congkuan Tian(田丛宽)

Linhao Jia(贾林浩)

Bingcheng Luo(罗秉诚)





Former Members

  • Chaoyi Cai(蔡超逸), went on to Orient Securities
  • Minhao He(何旻浩), went on to University of Washington (PhD)
  • Zhiran Zhang(张知然), went on to University of California, Santa Barbara (PhD)
  • Guanzhong Wu(吴贯中), went on to University of California, San Diego (PhD)
  • Lei Wang(王磊), went on to Tianjin University Of Technology
  • Shibing Tian(田士兵), went on to Zhonglin Wang's Group, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Xin Liu(刘鑫), went on to Hangzhou Dianzi University
  • Shili Yan(颜世莉), Assistant Researcher in Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Science
  • Xinjian Wei(魏鑫健), Assistant Researcher in Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Science
  • Di Chen(陈迪), Assistant Researcher in Beijing Academy of Quantum information Science